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Jonathan Loi

Co-Founder / Cinematographer

Well equipped with a combination of skills and creativity, Jonathan believes that every precious moment and expression can be captured on film with a sense of timelessness.

Having worked on thousands of creative briefs in the past decade, he has carved a name for himself for his video works, including a contribution to UK's BBC TV show. Prior to video production, he was often tasked to photograph known leaders like Jimmy Choo and covered regional events such as LIMA Langkawi and DSA PWTC.

When he is not playing or buying camera equipment, he is either sharing insights with fellow filmmakers around the world, or enjoy bonding time with his Cash (a 10-year-old puffy fluffy Siberian Husky).

His carefree nature proves that in life and through the lens, magic happens when you are not looking.

Lyn Ng

Head of Marketing and Content

10 years of combined experience in agencies, PLC, as well as Rakuten Capital and Softbank Ventures Asia backed e-commerce startup. Lyn loves to spend her time cooking up ideas when she's not making travel plans.


She believes multi-faceted storytelling is the key to impactful communication. Started off as a PR practitioner, she soon dived into consumer behavior analysis, various aspects of social media, content marketing, influencer and online community platforms, formulating cohesive strategies to cultivate a stronger user base as well as customer loyalty for company growth.

Successfully headed the team to work with numerous partners and influencers for over 100 campaigns, she finds video grows immensely as the most powerful content form throughout the customer's journey, decided to take a plunge into video production and never stop exploring since.

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